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Learn to Speak French

Now a days, employers seek workers that know a foreign language or more. Although it is a great advantage to read and write the language, it is also very important to know how to speak it. But, how do you learn to speak French? This article is here to help. It will give you the directions to take to start from scratch, or improve your French.
Before we move on, you must remember one thing, always, always, and always practice. Practice makes perfect. By practicing, you will make mistakes and learn from them.


Pronunciation is the most important factor. You can make syntax errors, or use the wrong verb tense and still be understood. However, if you do not pronounce a word correctly, you might be misunderstood or say a completely different word.
To help your pronunciation, look at the phonetic of a word. It will show you how to say the words using syllables of words you know in your native tongue. Once you have the pronunciation understood, practice in a microphone. With such, you will be able to hear what you say, and therefore see whether-or-not it is what you are supposed to say. Pronunciation is key to hep you learn to speak French.

When you practice your pronunciation, remember your basics sounds in French. Think of how a French person would pronounce the word, not how you would pronounce it in your main tongue.

Know what you want to say

If you know what you want to say in advance, you will be able to focus on the pronunciation and nothing else. To learn to speak French, is also about knowing French. Try to keep your sentences as simple as possible. Never, under no circumstances, should you make a sentence in English and translate it to French. Think in French. It does not matter if your sentence is the one of a 3 year old. It is better to make an easy, clear, correct sentence, than a long, complex, and wrong sentence.

As we said before, practice thinking in French. Although it might seem hard, with practice, it will come easily.

Key Elements

It is very helpful to hear a language spoken out loud to improve on it. Hearing French with today’s technology is very easy. You can listen to French songs, watch French movies (preferably with French substitutes)…
By listening, you will certainly not understand everything, but you will be able to pick up tons and intonations. Tons and intonations are the key to speaking a language. French and English have different tons and intonations; but listening to natives speak French will help you hear and understand the difference.

How to Practice?

There are many ways for you to practice how to learn to speak French. You can do everything from taking classes to speaking to French people. Using is a great and innovating way to learn to speak French. This website allows you to quickly and efficiently learn a new language.

Now that you know how to learn to speak French, all you need to do is follow our step by step guide and jump. Everybody who speaks a foreign language will tell you, no one will make fun of you for trying, but everyone will humiliate you for giving up. So go out there, and practice as often as you can, and it will come to you as a rocket.